Panic mode - downloaded wrong thing off K-Lite

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that I download my fair share of smut off of Kazaa Lite, but always, ALWAYS of the “correct legal age” limit. However, tonight, I downloaded a file that turned out to be kiddy porn by accident, though parts of it were censored. I immediately deleted it, only to almost instantaneously get a Kazaa IM from the other peer, telling me that they were with the FBI and would be carefully viewing my ISP from now on.

I’m not a freak (well, not THAT kind of freak, anyway). I don’t want a SWAT team knocking down my door because I accidentally downloaded a purposely mislabled image. Can they really track my AOL isp now?

They sure can dude…if you’ve got an IP address, which is essential for web connectivity, they can track you, find out who you are from your ISP…how do you think record companies have been catching file sharers?

You can get tools to try and protect yourself a bit, tools like Peer Guardian, Zone Alarm, and so on. But I should imagine, if it is genuinely ther FBI, they’ll get round those tools one way or another…unlimited resources at the moment with all this terrorism going on.

On the other hand it could all be a bluff, and someone’s messing with you, although the censored bits might indicate it’s come from a ‘honey pot’ i.e. a server designed to trap the kinda filth that peddle this child shite.

Perhaps you should change ISP?

Oh yeah…I’d lay off the porn for now if I were you…you’ll go blind! Or end up in prison having your butt given a seeing to by “Brutus”…

  1. This is most likely someone playing with you (and is having a great laugh at your expense now)
  2. If it FBI, you may not have a problem yet, considering that (assuming this is correct) you did not know (and perhaps even could not know) that you were downloading kiddy porn. You deleted the file from your PC instantly as soon as you found out, showing you never had the intention to download this stuff. So even if it was FBI, even the worst laywer would be able to get you off here…assuming of course that what you say you did is the truth…

You should have gotten the other user’s IP and reported it to the authorities…since he was offering the stuff in the first place…

I’d have to agree with Da_Taxman1 on this. just stay cool and stay away from questionable material. Just like any other digital exploit, the people who go to jail are not the sops that “stumple” on an illicit file…it’s the people that go back for more of the same, share more of the same, you get my drift.

Having said that, if that lil file popped up a website and you whipped out your credit card and bought a “trial membership”. I’d be keeping my eyes open for black helicopters and watch the local icecream truck very very…carefully…:slight_smile:

You should have done this. Most likely it was a joke. But this person is distributing child porn. And I believe impersonating a fedral officer is a federal crime as well. It would be a great way to get back at him.

Your probably right that the IM’r is the poster…a good response would be in IM…Damn…unexpected d’load…reporting this to my federal website :slight_smile: see who is still

Thanks guys…just a little shaken by this. I keep hearing that even if you delete something like this, it stays in your computer somewhere, and I don’t need some repair-guy finding it embedded somewhere if I have a problem with my Windows crashing or some such luck.

I’ve opted to be much more careful getting stuff from Kazaa…I wasn’t aware I could get/access the IP of another P2P person, how does that work?

Might also want to think about protesting to your local congressman about that wonderful piece of legislation known as the Patriot Act. There probably already checking what books you checked out the library in the last couple of years.

You can scrub any remnants of the file by filling your hard drive with data, then deleting the data. That process tends to eliminate any recoverable data. You could also check whether the file is recoverable with a tool that that is designed to recover deleted files. There are plenty of them on the web, have a look via Google…

Not sure how you can establish someone’s IP from KaZaA, but it probably is relatively easy. Firewall maybe that logs an IP contact?

I found this on another forum…any use to you?

"i just registered SurfAnonymous 2 days agoo & i am very happy with it , i Really hide my ip using Proxy , also it worked with MIRC :slight_smile:

you can download it from"

The FBI doesn’t usually begin an investigation by telling the suspect that he is under investigation. =)

There is an online community of self-styled “net cops” who revel in exposing others’ dirty laundry. While just as annoying as the old lady who won’t stop peering into your window, they are usually just as harmless. Virtually all of them claim to have formal or informal connections to law enforcement, but real police tend to view wannabe “private eyes” with contempt and regard them as a nusiance.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this incident. Just be glad that TIPS never escaped the vile, pestilent slime pit in which it spawned.


the fbidont use kazaa im to catch criminals l0l, however if you download a file with a p0rnographic name but not “kiddie porn” the you should be ok, but its kinda a legal gray area, where do you live, in some countrys/states (i presume you are in th us) any p0rn is illegal… but im allmost certain its somebody winding you up. maybe you should not download anything illegal/p0rn at all. p0rn from the internet is a very dodgy place to go and often is conected to peadophile networks… lay of it mate :slight_smile: