Panda Software (mailing list)



I didn’t know where to put this so I assume here is as good a place as any.

does anyone have a problem with receiving entirely too much junk email from Panda.Software.USA?

I’ve gone through their unsubscribe routine probably 10 or 12 times over the last four months, and I’m getting very aggravated.

I sent off an email to the “reply to” address on the emails that I receive, but something tells me nothing will come of it.

has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you get them to leave you the hell alone?

I checked the website, but couldn’t find a suitable email address to which I should address this concern.

i’m half venting/half looking for answers. SO FRUSTRATING!!!


use your mail filters


that will treat the sympton, but won’t solve the problem.

i could easily just block the address that the emails are coming from, the actual issue is the fact that they send me email.

i want them to stop.


Sometimes good luck. You might try an abuse complaint with the isp company. I always have at least 4 fake email acounts for such things and when one starts getting hit to much I delete it and change the name to a new one.


haha i guess i just expected more out of their support staff considering they are an antivirus/anti-spyware type of business…

i never give out my real email address, but i think i did some online virus scan through their site and for some reason put in this email address. I can’t just get rid of it since it’s my school email address. i’m going to keep bitching at them for a while (not that it will really accomplish anything)

i might end up just having to block it


don’t know if this is easier for you or not, but i used to use it, a program called mail washer, just run it first, and you can blacklist senders it deletes the email at the server.

just tried to get a link for you, but i think their having problems with their servers


Thats what I use. Your on the white list or it just ain’t gona happen :iagree: