Panasonic's done making tube TVs

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With demand for tube televisions in an obvious decline, Panasonic announced that it will halt production of CRT TVs for good.

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Haier is a chinese company. Pretty common here for ultra-cheap products. I’ve seen them often enough that I would actually call them a distinctive “brand”, i.e. a little better than the usual no-names.

All my HDTVs warmed up faster than my last CRT TV did…

I was glad to see the back of my old 29’ set when it died. Still have 3 more tube sets at home in the 14 ~ 20’ range… Now my 46’ replacement has become obsolete as it doesn’t have a digital tuner in it only analog and I have to use a STB…

Not surprised, the average tv size continutes to grow and tube tv’s take up alot of space.

I still have a 27inch as the bedroom tv, but if I ever upgrade the living room 42inch tv, the CRT will get the boot.

No big shock; VCRs, VHSs tapes, 8 track tapes, Cassette tapes, records, CRT TVs, Floppy discs; MD discs, film cameras; all had their day and that day is now gone.
To bad but [U]new, now wow[/U]; has taken over; yet all new does not mean better.
S-VHS and super bata nearly as good as DVD, MD disks as good or better than CDs, CTR TVs have a wider viewing angle than most other TVs.
Big problem is you eather buy now stuff now since the old can no longer be found.
I have many older VHS tapes I can’t even give away now.
And I have a 36", 27" and 20" TVs and dont have the money to replace all.

I still use a Toshiba 34hfx84 CRT 34" HDTV myself. It produces excellent black levels and can be viewed from any angle, it’s just smaller and heavy by todays standards.
When it dies or I upgrade I’ll probably go for a good Plasma set, closest you can get to the black levels and viewing angle of the old perfected CRT sets.
I also used a 21" IIyama CRT monitor for my PC here but finally recently replaced it with a 19" LCD to save juice and becuase the text at native res is sharper, everything else the tube monitor was better at…

I still have a 20 inch Panasonic flat screen I bought a few years ago. It is absolutely awesome. I used that picture tuner DVD to tune the tv for best picture, and have my DVD player hooked up through the 3 component colors and it looks awesome. Looks better than my friends LCD and Blu-ray hands down. I use this TV in a smaller viewing room so it is perfect. I’d never switch to those garbage LCD screens. Plasma, maybe… but you just can’t beat a good CRT. Only the manufacturers have brainwashed the public into accepting higher priced items with lower quality.

If you can still find one look at the Pioneer Kuroo plasmas, they have the best quality video of any plasma so far and might be on blow out sales since Pioneer exited the TV market. Panasonic bought all their patents and things for the tech so they may be making similar sets soon as well.

My 32" Toshiba CRT still has a great picture but if I could lift it and carry it down 3 stories of stairs I would proably ditch it :slight_smile:

The Kuro’s should be around until next year. Black Friday and boxing week will be a good time to grab one of those for a good deal. I just might. I thought Pioneer was only ditching plasma but TVs altogether ? I’m too lazy to look it up :slight_smile:

Scourge are you kidding ? 20" ? You can’t sit close enough for that too compare to a nice plamsa. Actually its bad for your eyes to sit that close to a CRT.
I’m sitting 18" from my 21" PC monitor right now. It looks about as big as my 42" plasma does from 6 feet. But I’m 18" in front of it ! And I find my 42" too small…
I don’t like LCD’s either but a good plasma with a blu ray (or DVD…) will blow that away, no question. And so would a good LCD actually. You will never see the details on that small screen like you would on HD plasma.

I find it surprising that they were still making CRT televisions - I thought all the big brands had stopped one or two years ago.

I’ve still got no panels (except my dying laptop) and I even still use my 17" Sony CRT monitor. Much better for color accuracy and PQ than the LCD in the laptop. Sorry to see tubes go, but they are energy hogs (from production to end use) and I guess Green is coming. Still, to stay Green I’ll keep using my current CRTs until the Phosphors burn out, rather than prematurely disposing of them.

Usually the phosphors don’t ever burn out on the tube face, the guns do, they get weak and then the picture goes to heck.
If you remember there used to be a thriving business rejuvenating tubes so you could get more life outa yer set when the tube wore out.
I have 2 Beltron CRT rejuvinaters systems myself from back when I used to do TV repair. They saved a LOT of sets for me so I didn’t have to replace the tubes, which I also did quite a bit if the set was otherwise nice enough to warrant the effort.:bigsmile:
The last one I bought on Ebay becuase it was dirt cheap and fully modded for the latest tubes, even though I knew that soon it would be useless. I had to rewire it based on my first unit as somebody had totally messed around with it after whoever modded it was done but now it works better then my original one and I have all the adapters and manuals.