Panasonice DVD Recorder



We got Panasonic’s DMR-ES46V for Christmas and haven’t been able to set a last memo to continue from that point once a dvd is ejected and reinserted. Our Sanyo has this feature and it really works well. Does anyone know of a way to find the last viewed point other than searching when a dvd is removed and reinserted from this player? Thank you.


I beleive if you press stop once (marked stop) to will resume from that point. Press stop twice and it will restart from the begining.


That is true so long as you don’t take the DVD out of the tray. If it is taken out of the tray, it starts from the beginning again, something that our Sanyo didn’t do. It had a feature called “Last Memo” that would mark that last point viewed and when the DVD was ejected and put back in it would ask you if you wanted to start from the “last memo.” It was a very useful feature. I’m surprised that this unit doesn’t have something similar


My Panasonic DVD S52 Player also restarts from the beginning. :rolleyes: