Panasonic vs. liteon?


in general, are panasonic recorders more reliable than liteon units? do they have a much better picture than liteon?

i am speaking of lowend panasonic vs. high end liteon.

before someone yells that i cross posted: this is a different question and no one even bothered to answer my question in the other forum.

thank you.

I have a older Panasonic e-80h unit and it has done fine for over a year and has a great picture in the first 2 speeds. However it isn’t a low end unit but I’d wager any panny unit will probably do better then the best liteOn settop as the newer ones claim to have a better decoder chip that allows SP quality at EP speeds and most folks seem to say it works. Mine also seems to do pretty well with about any grade of minus media I feed it, not everyone , but most.
The newer units now also burn with plus media as far as I’ve read and they have updates to download as well for any unit they have sold so far, but so does LiteOn. The LiteOns can be hacked easier though and the HD equiped units can probably take bigger drives, something so far my Panny cannot.

thank you for taking the time to reply to my thread. i guess i figure the pana is probably a better machine. i probably don’t need anyone to tell me that. the lowend pana is more than twice the price i paid for a middle-high end liteon. the liteon has many more features. however the picture quality is less than desireable. i see a lot more liteons are being sold but that is probably due to the price. i haven’t made up my mind yet but i can almost get three liteons with way more features for the price of a lowend pana. so if they break i have two more machines to buy before i am at the price of a pana. but picture quality from the getgo means a lot and is worth more money anyhow.

i wish someone here would come along and say if the picture quality of a es20 beats the pants off a 5006 both in 1 hour mode.

if i am mistaken and it does not then the pana may not be worth the money to me personally.

i see many newb questions go unanswered on this board. which is understandable since the same questions gets asked 20 times a day here. i did not really see the es20 picture quality compared directly to the 5006 using the search though. the problem with liteon is every machine is different quality regardless of were it fits in the product line. meaning a highend unit can sometimes suck. with name brands such as pana generally the more expensive the unit the better it is going to be. well since i already have the liteon i guess i’ll just go get the pana in the afternnoon and compare them for myself. then i can tell all of you what i think so no one asks the same question and doesnt get it answered again!


People who complain about Panasonic do so about picture quality. People who complain about Liteon generally use terms like “nightmare. worthless, piece of crap, lack of support, never again”.

People who want better picture quality usually go to Pioneer.

lol. well i guess that makes liteon worse. or pretty bad in general. i have heard the stories of all the failures and then failure to replace the unit under warranty. i did get the low end pana and the picture quality was somewhat better than the liteon. i know at least the pana is probably sticking around for the long haul whereas liteon units seem to be good for about 50 burns.

anyhow, that is exactly what i was thinking. i’ll just step up to the pioneer elite then i know i got the mercedes. yeah it’s more money but my pioneer elite ld player is still better than most dvd players. speaks for itself. and i thought of that before i saw you even mention it.


Don’t expect the same quality. My Pioneer LD was solid and reliable. Current stuff, by default, is more short lived.

They also say the same things about the newer Panasonic settops too, not as overbuilt as the early units like my e-80h. It does seem to be built like a tanks, or maybe a first generation Sony vhs machine :bigsmile:

shucks, this just totally reinforces what i just said in the liteon forum.
i apoligize this sort of has become a crosspost now. i didn’t think anyone would start answering the other thread i started a few days ago over in liteon.

anyhow, this is offtopic but i just can’t get into spending a ton of money on consumer electronics these days. the technology changes too fast and the mtbf on todays products stinks. pretty much what i said over in liteon.

the days of the ‘20 year sony crt’ seem to be long gone. including every other manufacturers product nowdays.

if i was buying a highend 2 channel vinyl system, then i would spend the money. the technology was perfected 30 years ago and is still around! the digital age baffles me. i don’t mean the technology. i mean the seeming lack of it, lol.

it now seems that for everyone that complains their liteon quit you can find at least one person to match whatever their problem was with a different brand? if we can get these things for $80-$150 that’s fine with me personally. regardless of how good they are(not).

thank you.

I haven’t been able to find many professional reviews for standalone DVD recorders. A Google search this evening revealed only one such review – by – if they are to be trusted. They do seem to favor the Panasonic recorders due to the quality of the MPEG encoder used…

cnet is honest if not biased. they wouldn’t say junk was good.

you could try and but like all of us realise this is an emerging technology. any brand can supply good units or lemons nowdays.

i am in no way affiliated with the above sites. i hope it was ok to mention them as review sources.


I bought a 5006 in December and was happy with it. I recorded in 4 hour and it was watchable. 2 and 3 were great, never did record in 1 hour. Had a problem with the tuner and sent it back. Bought an es-20 and am happy with that also. I’ve only recorded in 2 and 3 hour. I don’t see any difference between the two in those modes. The Liteon is much easier to use, if that’s a consideration. The es-20 isn’t difficult though. The es-20 wasn’t all that much more expensive. About $50 more after all the rebates. Another $50 got a 4 year warranty from Bestbuy. I’d be happy with either, but I’m not the most exacting person about the quality. They both seem just fine to me.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that all light on DVD recorders only record in vr mode. I have found that the compatability factor is very low when trying to play on other DVD players. Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba, Funai, and others offer a VR mode for editing and playing on their own player, and a video mode which is a compatability mode. You can delete and rename titles on RW disks but cannot edit the recording for commercials etc. These play DVD’s recorded in video mode play in 99% of the players. I personally record in video mode and dump it to my PC hard drive, edit it, and burn it back to the disk without the commercials. Commercials now adays take up 33% of the program. Thats 20 mins for an hour program. I can watch 2 - 1 hr shows without the commercials in just over 80 mins. Lite-ons recorded programming looks like cr## next to the other brands.

you cannot edit a non finalized liteon dvd on a pc?


Hi I have a liteon and I am very frusterated. I am trying to convert my wrestling tapes to DVD and some of my tapes in VG/EX quality play funny symptoms just as flashing bars not on the original tape in the lite on machine when i am trying to copy the tape to dvd. i am frusterated and no one has helped me to date. my friend has transferred a few using his laptop but some still have this dumb flashing bar symptom. i want to know why it happens and how to fix it.

If the tapes are factory, sounds like
they are copy protected.

It definitely sounds like Macrovision copy protection. There are devices for sale that can make it possible to record these tapes to DVD, you might want to try a Google search.

I’m in the market for a new DVD recorder as well. When trying to compare analog (as w/component) picture quality without a live demo, look at the digital-to-analog converter’s maximum frequency sampling and effective number of bits. The DMR-ES15S, for example, has a superior 12-bit/108MHz video DAC compared to the LVW-5006’s 10-bit/56MHz video DAC. That alone should give you good enough idea as to a unit’s picture quality for the low-medium end units. The ES15S’s video DAC beats the pants off anything else in the price range, so I’ll definitely be going with that.

As someone else said, yeah, despite having equal video DAC specs, the Pioneer will have better picture still, but it’s also about 4x the price. Following from that, there are other considerations to take into account with respect to picture quality and even the DAC’s themselves, but that information is often difficult to find. If anyone can find info on the ADC of the ES15S, for example, I would be amazed.

One more thing, if you’re REALLY concerned about playback, pick up a Denon DVD player (the 1930CI is real nice) for the playback purposes of finalized discs only. They’re better than even the Pioneer Elites.