Panasonic UJ-870



I bought a Panasonic UJ-870 from ebay (us) for my Dell Precision M90.
I went to to the Panasonic Web page to check for firmware updates
and they did not recognize it.

There is no manufacturer’s name on the drive.

Is UJ-870 a generic model number or does Panasonic just make the
chipsets. I hope I haven’t purchased something that has no support.

I would really appreciate any help here.



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, those Matshita/Panasonic drives have little support (and that’s if you’re lucky).

If by some slim chance there is firmware for it, it’s usually from the manufacturer of the laptop it came in (Dell, Acer, etc).

So if you know the OEM from the seller on eBay, it may be worth visiting their website.


does anyone else have difficulty getting these devices to read burned media (ie not original).


The Matshita/Panasonic drives have a very poor reputation around here. They may be the worst drives still on the market. So it doesn’t surprise me that you’re having problems edgotham.