Panasonic UJ-845-BPN Slave settings flash

Hello all,

here is my first post, its a toughy.

The drive on my laptop (an MSI S260) died. I decided to swap it out with a panasonic UJ-8450-BPN

Once this drive arrive I installed it fine to find that my bios now can’t see my hard disk - or the new drive. On investigation it turns out the my hard disk in the laptop is set to master and this DVD drive is also set to master.

After much searching I found out that I had to flash the firmware on it to set it to slave and it should start working.

Here come the questions.

1.) I believe I have the correct firmware and flash tool - but I’d be interested in hearing what other people have done/got with this drive down to experience. (I’m using dwl2.exe with fd100vkw.bin image)
2.) To flash the device I have to specify the device location eg: primary master, primary slave etc of the DVD drive. As both the hard disk and DVD drive are set to master and not seen in the bios while the DVD drive is plugged in a.) will the flash tool even work if the bios can’t “see” the drive. What would be the correct option as both the hard disk and the dvd drive are master - primary master would see both the disk and drive, I assume this wouldn’t be a problem as you couldn’t flash the hard disk. c.) How can I flash this darn drive !
3.) the dwl2.exe program constanly complains that “you can’t use this program on “windows DOS Prompt” please execute on a Real-DOS mode” I have downloaded “real” dos disks from and and I still get this error.

ANY advice on how to flash this drive with the correct image to get this device working on my notebook would be much appriciated.

This will not work.

I would choose a better drive, eg. from Nec or Pioneer.

What will not work ? could you be a little more specific ?

the flash image ? the procedure ? the tool for flashing ? etc ?

Could you be a little more specific.

I wanted a pioneer as the drive I took out was a pioneer however no-one in the UK has them or is able to get hold of them. The drive I took out was Pioneer K06 Slim Notebk DVDRW and I’ve been unable to find one.

I can’t find an NEC thats slot loading.

This is why I went for the panasonic, is this in general a bad drive ?

How will you flash the drive to slave?

I think that will not work.

Well, I went to a test rig with an micro-IDE to ide converter and ran the flash program against the slave firmware image and managed to flash the drive.

Yeah, but it will not work afterwards…