Panasonic UJ-845-B DVD/RW not recognized

I have a slot loading Panasonic UJ-845-B DVD/RW that I had previously used as an upgrade to an old Dell Inspiron 8000 series. It worked just great.

I have now moved on to a newer Inspiron E1505 and would like to use the slot load in the new machine. I tried the DVDRW in the new machine it is not recognized. I’ve installed drivers, still it’s not seen in my hardware device manager.

Any ideas what I’m missing??? Thank you.

Your drive has a WRONG firmware for this DELL.

How do I fix this problem? A step by step would be most helpful.


Post the firmware revision that is actually on the drive.

Do youhave any ide BIOS options?

I can’t tell the driver??? The old computer is dead. I pulled it out and tryed it in my new laptop…but it’s not recognized.

Any ideas what I can do?

Visit the sticker on top of the drive, it should show the brand/model and firmware revision.

There is nothing that looks like a version number. Only , Model #, Manuf date, voltage. Nothing with V or a few digits that resemble a version.

here’s a scan of the label…

any thoughts???

You may check out this thread and others there too. :slight_smile:

So is there no hope? I just don’t get it. I put it right into my old dell…and worked right away… Now, when pluged in…it’s like it doesn’t exist.

Your both Laptops are still different products, so just replacing the drive would not work in any way.
You may contact and ask DELL about this problem.