Panasonic UJ-825-B Notebook DVD Burner


I have the Panasonic UJ-825-B Notebook DVD Burner. I was wanted to know what is the Current firmware and were could I get one.

I know this a Notebook DVD Burner, and I’m aware that a lot of people will not own nor have seen this DVD Burner. However, it would be COOL :cool: to see a Patcher that could patch the current firmware to 12xRip, nx4all and RPC-1. :bigsmile:

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful patchs.

Please Please give me the information and knowledge to patch my own DVD Burner. The only reason I want to know how to patch, so I could patch other DVD Burner that no one will patch.

Please Share information and the knowledge.

Thank you :bigsmile:

I haven’t seen one but they are popular in Japan. Can you tell us your experiences with the Panasonic notebook DVD burner? The one that writes to DVD-RAM and DVD+R/-R seems wonderful.