Panasonic UJ-220




I recently purchased off Ebay Panasonic UJ-220.

Let me tell you what a mistake that was. This burner is nothing but a nightmare.

Does anyone know what type of blu-ray disc this thing will burn too beside Sony 25GB at cost close to $15.00 per disc.

I thought it burnt 50GB disc but it doesn’t. I am not good enough at cross flashing.

I just might back to Ebay and sell this piece of junk and buy another burner but this time do my research a lot better.

Thnak you for any advise or assistance.


The Panasonic/Matshita laptop drives have been horrible for many years now. You’ve looked for a firmware update for the drive?

Panasonic 25gb disks would probably also work. They are about $3.50-$4 apiece (with shipping) from The only Sony 25gb BD-R disks still being produced in Japan seem to be the 6x variety and if you are going to the trouble of ordering them, get the Japanese made disks.

I use Verbatim, (NOT the LTH type), but I have no idea if they would work in this crappy laptop drive.


I have learned my lesson that is for sure.

I just picked a Sonly 25GB from Microcenter and it will not even read the blank disc so I burn the files off my computer.

I spent $199.00 I was going to sell it on Ebay but forget it, I don’t want to get a bad rating or anybody having this problem.

I can’t find any firmware updates, except from Sony, Dell and this is stand alone.

I don’t know of anyone who does firmware flashing to fix this problem.

So I guess I am going to spend another $200.00, I have all kinds of disc that I can’t use. My very first one was Verbatim but I got the LTH by mistake.

Thank You for the advice!!!


That firmware is a couple of years old now, so I’m not sure how much help it would provide.

If you still have the drive in the computer, you can search for new firmware through a free burning program called ImgBurn. Once you have it installed, click on Tools–>Drive–>Check for firmware updates. It will probably take you to the download I linked already, but this is one way to confirm it is the right one.

ImgBurn will also tell you what the current firmware is. Click on Discovery in ImgBurn and it will show up on the end of the line where you see the drive name. It should be something similar in name to the firmware I linked, like 1.02 or 1.03.



Thank you for trying but I can’t get to tools > drive it is greyed out.

The firmware link you gave me is to Sony. This is Panasonic USB from Ebay.

I down loaded your link anyway and I will not take the software isn’t desinged for this model.

Take Care


Sorry about that. When using ImgBurn, you’ll need to click on Discovery, or Write/files folders to disc, or one of the other choices that first appear in EZ Mode. I always start in Build mode, and forget you cannot use all the Tools in EZ Mode.

Once you click on one of the choices, you can do the Tools–>Drive–>Check for firmware updates route.


Thank you for the tip but it didn’t work, the firmware is only for Sony and this is Panasonic.

Thank you again for trying!!!