Panasonic UHD Blu-ray player DMP-UB900

Good news for people who would like to move to UHD Blu-ray without having to use an older Blu-ray player for their multi-region needs.

Panasonic’s newly released UHD Blu-ray player DMP-UB900 can be updated with enhanced firmware which allows to change the region settings for DVD and standard Blu-ray, deactivates UOP and PUO processing and removes Cinavia audio watermark detection.

Panasonic DMP-UB900 Product Description

DMP-UB900 - Enhanced Firmware 1.02A for selected models [EB,EG,GN]

But can you turn off the wireless absolutely? That’s what keeps me on the older devices. For all the hype, some of the oldest devices out there play just about anything regular dvd you can put in them. Total open source. The move to blue ray and HD before that, were clever repackages of existing tech, to drive proprietary coding into the picture. Apparently nobody thought about that during the initial hayday of tech development. Old tech is good tech, because it’s open tech. I like the sound of the features on this UB900, but it’s so silly looking and lacking maturity in the design. What if I lose the remote and want to use a finger press button? Geesh! I won’t buy it, if it does not have a complex array of buttons just like the remote features offer. If it’s exclusively menu operation, that’s really inconvienient compared to original older tech. With a click of a button I rock ff, rwnd, zoom, select chapter, instant sequence repeat, and the list goes on. When I’ve got to use a rudimentary circular control option and press enter a hundred times to finally get to the function I seek, that’s just not advancement to me. I’ve yet to find any new tech that dazzles the user with convenient functionality like it may impress with the digital play features. It seems they fired the controller engineer, to hire a new HD visual specialist or something along those lines. Geesh! Like the windows 7 menu, some things should not be improved on. Like a nice old burly remote control which allows you 1 button press instant access to any function the dvd or streaming device offers. It’s not rocket science, but the new stuff is a waste of time. I’m loving my old panasonic 5 spinner still to this day. And it offers a unique feature where I can listen to sound while ff 2x. Love that guy and I’ve got a second one in a box. Still watching it on a tube tv in the garage. Like how bright that small tube screen is from across the garage while I’m working, and it never breaks. New tech is all hype.