Panasonic TY's?

Whats your experience? I’ve heard people say they suck, but I’ve burnt a few of these and they’ve been excellent. The 50 pack i bought had higher errors than the 10 pack however.

Not much, but better than nothing:

I just ordered 10x25 of these so there’ll be plenty testing/reporting of these over the next week or two :wink:

I bought some 4x ones, back when I bought my first burner (TYG01), a fairly recent scan of one of them, which is posted on here somewhere, was fairly good.

Especially since it was scanned on an LDW-851, which IMO isn’t that good a scanner, though it does the job!

Seems they are not 100% same quality as the Verbatim + other TYG02 discs. Not too bad though :wink:

Here are some 1st impressions

In my experience the Panasonic TYG02 discs are at least as good as the Vebatims. Can’t comment on unbranded as I’ve never had any :o

Seem this is a picture i’ll have to get used to. Reminds me of pastels burned with my 3500. Not bad but not as clean as the verbs or genuine TY
First is a Panasonic next is Verbatim and last TY printable (All LG burns). It’s not quite the same discs :wink: Also bc these are better with Benq than the other TY i have :confused:

i think that they vary too much. i’ve bought the 10pcs slimbox tyg02 for a while now and although the results have been always ok, some have high pif’s whereas others have low pif count (always within the specs of course) and same with pie’s. some have even scratches on the inner plastic ring and look they’ve been subject to a dj-scratching session :wink: (some verb 8x made by cmc had it too). i’ve seen better dvdr’s from ty in the past and more importantly much more constant when it comes to the final result. nevertheless i’m lacking of alternatives these days as verbatim -r 16x are worse than those discs at all write speeds on my pio and sony/tdk/… performing even poorer. overall i guess those manufacturers are all into quantity over quality to meet the high demand these days.

attached is a scan of this media (not the best, not the worst i’ve had so far)