Panasonic to release DivX certified Blu-ray DVD player (Press Release)

I just posted the article Panasonic to release DivX certified Blu-ray DVD player (Press Release).

Next Generation DVD Player to be Available in Europe and RussiaDivX today announced the DivX Certification of Panasonic’s Blu-ray Disc (BD) Player.The Panasonic Blu-ray Disc player is scheduled to be…

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:S wowwww imagine all them divx files on a 50 gig dual layer or 25 single layer disk :wink:

I’m pretty sure more people want x264/MKV support rather then DivX.

not me bud or my m8s :wink: i’ll stick with divx dvd files…dont need high def :wink:

If they want to really push this Hi-Def stuff then they need to incorporate a video format that no other player has.

@ EPiPH0N3 Agreed.

DivX bought Main Concept not long ago, so they should have H264 support when the DivX logo appears (maybe not now, but soon). When the H264 will be supported, you’ll be able to see HD with compressed movies. Personally, I have a 50" HDTV and an upconverting DVD. There is no need to waste a dime on a blu-ray player.

There is a need to use a dime on a BR player. Give me divx with usb and HD capability and Ill be happy watching it on my 42 LG hd LCD. I dont hardly watch tv shows as it is, I just D/L em and watch em the next day without Commercials, the only thing is that they arent in HD.