Panasonic to introduce 16x Super-Multi DVD writer

I just posted the article Panasonic to introduce 16x Super-Multi DVD writer.

Japanese company I-O Data has announced a new 16x Super-Multi DVD writer based
on a Matsushita/Panasonic SW-9585. The drive supports writing 4x DVD±R DL, 16x
DVD±R, 8x…

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Why would you make a drive that can do so much and only have a 2 meg buffer?

I always have wished drives came with at least an 8 MB buffer. Memory is very cheap now after all.

why do you really need a bigger buffer?

wow, talk about slow read speeds…

CD burning is still done ALOT!! Why do ppl limit CD-R speeds at 40x!!! and why CD-RW speeds at 24? That’s why i still have my plextor premium. 52x32x52 my only problem was finding 32x CDRW 700mb media… GOSH THAT IS SOO HARD!!

Well Plextor used to have 8MB buffer but obviously found it had no noticable benefit and therefore went back to 2MB.

Incredible specs, have never expected that from Masushita/Panasonic.

Very nice to see another unique drive. :slight_smile:

CD-RW? That’s something I just don’t get. Ain’t it faster and cheaper and easier just to burn a new disk? What’s it cost, a nickel? Unless of course, I guess it is better for the environment.

I wonder about the quality of this drive? Maybe in 2 years it will feature blu-ray with complete specs.

new firmware within a week should improve performance. This drive is unique as there is very little DVD-RAM in the US market at this time but is a cool technology.