Panasonic Tau TX-32PD30 vs TX-36PL35?

Hello m8s!

This is the best place to post this in the forum, I thank you in advance for your help here.

After giving a shot to the Sony KV-32FQ70E I am returning it to the store and I am getting one of the top models from Panasonic here in Europe. These 2 sets cost the same here in my town, the big difference is that one is 36’’ and the other one is 32’’.

I would love the 36’’ set, but the 32’’ one (TX32PD30) is the one that has won the EISA award as best TV in Europe (actually it was the TX36DP30 but this is the little brother that has exactly the same features).

What I think is cool from the 32’’ one that the 36’’ one doesn’t have:

  • EISA award 2003/2004
  • What Hi-Fi 5 Starts award.
  • ARAS anti-reflex
  • Dynamic Digital Motion (DDM
  • Digital Comb Filter (3D)
  • Acuity
  • Vertical Position Shift
  • One SCART Video input more in the back (4)

Only thing that the 36’’ has and the 32’’ doesn’t:

  • 4 INCHES MORE of TV screen madness :slight_smile:

What should I do? Are these features on the 32’’ model going to give me really better picture, or are they just selling tricks from Panasonic?

The TX36PL35 doesn’t appear on the 2003/2004 Panasonic catalogue, I think it is a new model (it does appear in the webpage with a “new” icon).

Having now owned a 42" plasma for a while now, I’d go for the 36" as long as it’s a 100Hz tube, which I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. You can’t whack size of screen for the cinema type of feel…

Hitachi Platara 42PD3000E