Panasonic SW-9574-C Question about Caddy



Hi all,

I have purchased a Panasonic SW-9574-C DVD burner which takes DVD-RAM disks with cartridge.

My question is, has anyone tried putting in an old style CD-ROM caddy in this type of drives?

I have some bare DVD-RAM disks, and I want to give them some protection. I am about to buy a lot of the used old style CD-ROM caddies and work on using them as the cartridge style DVD-RAMs. I don’t have any of those caddy on hand so I cannot confirm if the caddy and the DVD-RAM cartridge are interchangeable.

Has anyone tried it before? Or is anyone know for sure that they are competiable or not?


I do have some panasonic cartridge discs, but I don’t know how the caddyies you can get are. If you look at this user manual for a caddy CD-Rom drive, it seems to work in a dif way, as in the Pana you have a piece that swings to take the disc out and here seems dif:


I have had an old caddy CD ROM (a NEC Multispin 6x with caddies). The caddies and the DVD RAM cardridges are not the same. The NEC caddies will not work, the mechanism of the sliding metal piece is completely different from the DVD RAM cardridges.
I did not try to put a CD ROM caddy in my SW-9574-C and I’ll never do it since it is not very identical in the mechanics stuff. The drive was expensive so I’ll not try it… :disagree:



I forgot to ask: What Firmware version does your drive has?


Thanks for all your reply. I guess I will give up the idea of trying to use the old style CD-ROM caddy in my drive. After all, I just have a couple pieces of non-cartridge DVD-RAM I was thinking about giving them some protection. Not worth all the trouble.

The firmware I have is AZX8.
In the system properties, it actually showed up as a MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW-9574S.

Is this the same drive as the Panasonic SW-9574-C? Is it an OEM drive? or totally different?


Hmmm my firmware is A100, but my drive was the European OEM version.

As far as I know all SW-9574-C drives are OEM drives. By the way my drive also named “SW-9574-S” under Windows. This should be ok.

Unfortunately Panasonic does not offer firmware updates directly. Maybe you must ask. Since I can no japanese it is difficult for me. But since I have not trouble with my drive, I do not need a firmware update…