Panasonic Super Multi DL drive has DVD-RAM cartridge support



I just posted the article Panasonic Super Multi DL drive has DVD-RAM cartridge support.

agomes used our news submit to tell us "It seems that there are no indications if we will see it or not. Panasonic drives are not the easiest to find, but it is nice to see a drive accepting…

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Perhaps this is a better source. The price will be about 150 USD.


at last! A successor to the LF-M621. Sweet! Cartridge goodness is back.


For those of you who still remember, I wonder if this reads PD discs :wink: It was a nice hidden feature of many Panasonic drives… Adi


Panasonic Super Multi drives are basically PD/DVD-RAM drives with additional support of write-once DVD+R/-R and rewritable DVD+RW/-RW writing. As opposed to LG’s whose main features are DVD+R/-R writing.


oooh SWEET!!! I got a LFD-521 with cartridge support. The quality is awesome! And finally a Panasonic with DVD-DL support! I will DEFINETLY buy it!!! :d Weeee Im SO happy!!! :g


mine also makes pancakes!