Panasonic starts pilot production of 50 GB Blu-ray Discs

I just posted the article Panasonic starts pilot production of 50 GB Blu-ray Discs.

New dual-layer spin
coat technology doubles disc capacity

Torrance, CA (December 5,
2005) '” Panasonic has modified its existing pilot production line for
single-layer Blu-ray…

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“In the process, readily available inexpensive UV curable resins are used in the creation of the space layer, cover layer and hard-coat, resulting in a reduction in disc replication costs.” We’ll see when the discs actually hit the market what kind of price tag they get. I’ve heard the same crap about DL DVD discs as well. :frowning:

Hmmm let’s see what the studios do with these discs. Disney indicated earlier a need for such capacities and was upset when they thought they were not getting them at launch. At least now, we know that a disc is available for them to use.