Panasonic shutting down production of Blu-ray media?



I’ve seen it mentioned here and there that Panasonic may be abandoning production of Blu-ray recordable discs, and that it is already very difficult to find their media in Europe.

You generally have to jump through a few hoops to get Panasonic discs in the US, but this has been true for a couple of years now. There are several companies importing from Japan and making these available on ebay and through the Amazon marketplace.

Anyone know for certain if Panasonic is actually stopping production?


Ah, Two Degrees has pointed out another source for Panny’s here in the US.

I didn’t know that Adorama had them, and for a reasonable price.


The 50pk looks good value - $5.95 less than the 25pk. :eek:


Does anyone have any updates or more info? I hope Panasonic continues to manufacture media.