Panasonic sets up Blu-ray production facility to push the format

I just posted the article Panasonic sets up Blu-ray production facility to push the format.

 Until  now, we have heard of some companies pushing the Blu-ray format and others  pushing the HD-DVD format.  Recently Sony (who backs Blu-ray) and Toshiba  (who backs HD-DVD)...
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Just curious, would Panasonic also be standing to gain from the sale of production equipment? Seems to me like most of the big supporters of BD are in position to supply a lot of hardware for the mandated re-toolong of production facilities, from stampers to dye to disc production. Not to mention all the players that will have to be re-invented and produced with - dare I say - Panasonic production equipment and parts?

I think the issue of BluRay media requiring different production techniques is being way overblown. How is this different from the transition from CD to DVD? This seems like a rather obvious analogy as that was a transition from the infrared laser to the red laser. Just as in this case, it was a thorough transition. DVDs required completely different equipment and dyes than CDs. Despite that fact, at this point I can get blank DVDs for a very small premium over blank CDs. So, this does not seem like a particularly important issue in the scheme of things. If BluRay had some incredibly rare and expensive dye constituent or some real materials cost disadvantage to HD-DVD I could see the issue. But if it’s just a matter of requiring new production machinery I find the focus on this issue rather odd. After all, even the old machines have limited run lives and require maintenance. It’s not like they’re absolutley cost free just because they’re currently in use.

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Sighs… It’s not a matter of whether disc and hardware makers have to make a new product. It’s a matter of having to make 2 or 3 completely different and incompatable products, each requiring separate facilities and supplies. 2 Disc production lines instead of one, that’s a no-brainer. And, you have to build a new one from scratch while keeping the old one running.

But is this much different than what game manu’s currently do? They produce the same game for Xbox, PS2, PC and sometimes GC. All have their own different formats that require a different assembly line, I am sure, and yet they all cost the same regardless of format. Yet, game manus are not complaining, why should the studios complain just because they may have to release movies in 2 formats?

Quite right there, however with movies it just takes a few changes to the menu structure and re-encoding to make it available in another format. It is more tedious for Game manufacturers as they must reprogram a portion of their work to make it compatible with another sonsole as well recompile it. If they can do it, then the movie industry will have no problem with two formats. Unfortunately, if anything costs the movie industry even a small bit, they will put up a big fuss. For rental stores, all they would need to do is put out a single disc case for each title as before, however when one picks up a movie to rent, all the clerk has to do is ask the customer if they own a DVD, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player and then take out the movie disc from the appropriate selection. :wink: