Panasonic SCPT467 Ipod Compatibility

Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I bought a Panasonic SCPT467 Home Cinema System in November last year and now want to buy an Ipod Classic but the new Ipod Classics are 120gb not 80gb or 160gb.

The SCPT467 instruction manaul only mentions 80gb or 160gb Ipod Classics so before I buy a 120gb Ipod Classic I need to know if the home cinema system is compatible with them.

I have asked Panasonic and they advised they are unable to guarantee compatibility and I should go to my local retailer to see if a 120gb Ipod will work. This will prove to be difficult as it means finding a retailer with an SCPT467 on display and with 120gb Ipod Classic with music on to test. - The SCPT467 appears to have been superceeded by the SCPT470 which, according to Panasonic’s website is compatible with the Ipod 120gb Classic.

Has anybody got an SCPT467 and a new Ipod Classic and if so are they able to play the Ipod through the SCPT467?