Panasonic SC-HT928 trouble with remote




I’ve a Panasonic SC-HT928 DVD home theatre. The problem is the player does not respond to the remote. I 've checked the remote and is working with another player in the showroom. The DVD player does work and all controls on the player itself is responding.

Is it possible to lock the remote? My 3yr old had the remote for a while, i feel a combinations of buttons has locked it up.

Could anyone give a pointer.

Thanks in advance.


This probably isn’t going to help, but …

Panasonic, on its USA website, has issued firmware updates for several of its DVD recorders because they tend to quit responding to the remote.

Your unit is a player, not a recorder, correct? But who knows, it might have the same problem (even though there are no firmware updates for your model that I can find). It’s probably worth contacting Panny’s customer support about this.


I’ve got the exact same problem with my ht-920. all of a sudden it won’t respond to the remote- had been using a universal remote, but now the factory one won’t work either. did you ever figure it out?


just for kicks I left the unit unplugged all day (5 minutes didn’t help) and when I tried again it would turn on via remote, and it responded to the remote for about 30 seconds and now we’re back to no response. Any ideas. Fresh batteries, factory remote.


Hi Folks.
I’m a new member and I am not sure that I am typing this, my first message, in the correct place.
I have a Panasonic DVD player (DVD-S27EB-S ) which has operated OK for 18 months in a system with a Panasonic TV and a Toshiba VCR. I just purchased a Daewoo set top digital box and plugged this into the system. It all works OK apart from the DVD player, which will display only in black and white. I have wasted some hours now in playing with the menu on the DVD and the TV but I cannot get a colur picture out of the DVD player. Star Wars just isn’t the same in black & White. Please send me some advice somebody.

Thanks John