Panasonic SC-HT640W Advice Needed

My brother recently purchased the Panasonic SC-HT640W, . I played around with it for about an hour and absolutely loved the thing. I am now considering getting one but have some reservations. I currently have an RCA 300W receiver w/ Phillips XVID player. Sadly, things have not been the same since my Pioneer 5 Disc Changer went dead,after 3+ years of usage.

My thought was to get this setup above (I am on a budget) to complement what I have in place. My reservations? Longevity of this unit, plain and simple. Because it’s an ALL-IN-ONE if one part goes down it pretty much makes everything else useless. I have read in other forums that Panasonic put cheap motors in there DVD players and they should be avoided. Is this true? I figure if I can get 2 years out of SC-HT640W I will be extremely happy.

Any comments about the above or advice on this particularly unit would be appreciated.