Panasonic SA-HT70 DVD-R support

Just wondering if the above-mentioned DVD player supports any form of DVD-R/DVD+R or other DVD recordable media?

I had my SC-HT70 system reconfigured using the PANA engineer disc. I had macrovision turned off, multi-region set, and I have no problems playing any dvd-r disks. Find someone who can do this for you. I took about 3 mins to do, and is permanent.

Hi there. I want to be able to play any region discs and play DVD-R discs on my SA-HT70 (SA-HT70). Can you help? Where can I get this ‘engineer disc’ from? Any info at this stage would be much appreciated.



ayuda URGENTE…me podrian colaborar…resulta que consegui el panasonic service disk, con el fin de poder volver mi ht70 multizona, hice el procedimiento que era una vez se reinicio mostro un numero que desafortunadamente no lo anote, despues de eso comenzaron a prender y apagar los bombillos y en la pantalla salio un mensaje como si se estubiera cargando un disco, no me permite extraer los discos…que puedo hacer…muchas gracias…hugo fernando

@mamera-hfmd: We do not have a good idea of your problem, so if you can write any English at all, please ask again.

However, one of the CD Freaks international staff :slight_smile: has kindly made a rough translation:

[i]“Need HELP… can you help me? It happened that, using the Panasonic service disk to convert my ht70 to multizone, during the reset process it showed a number but unfortunately I didn’t write it down.
… [then something about the display ?going blank and ?asking for a disc] …
Now it does not allow to extract the discs… what can I do… thanks a lot… hugo fernando”.

[/i]To me, it sounds like the multiregion hacking didn’t fully complete after a reset; and now he can’t remove the engineering disc (or other discs). If anyone has an idea of the problem, please respond :).

thanks…Problem: Unit will not play DVD’s, Spindle motot not turning, all 5 Disc
indications are lighting up and blinking in a pattern and the unit’s LED
readout reads…“CHANGE” and will give and error code of…“DVD
H03”. Any help?

hugo fernando

Hey Dude Try This…
1.turn The Player Off With The Remote 0 Then -/-- On Your Remote
3.turn Player On And Play Disc

New here, to all of this. I have the above player and am trying to convert all my VHS tapes to DVD. Trouble is, most do not fit the standard DVD and I must reduce quality to make them fit or they just wont fit at all on DVD (too large).

I want to try dual layer DVD, but do not find any of these having been tested for this particular player.

Can anyone help or guide me with this?

Memorex Double Layer DVD+R DL works wonderful in my SA-HT70. I’ve started converting larger VHS tapes to DVD and this Memorex media is perfect!

Good Luck with using Memorex DL disc, majority opinion on this community have very low mark for memorex DL and poeple been advised to stay away from Memorex DL dsic at all cost. The good DL one is Verbatim brand.