Panasonic S-35, anyway to allow it to read PAL discs?

I have a Region 1 NTSC Panasonic S-35, I was just curious if there was any way to set the drive so it can read PAL format discs (region free, of course). I know that this can be done with some DVD Players, so I figured I would ask. My XBOX plays them just fine but I would like to save the extra wear and tear on my XBOX DVD Drive if possible.

I tried to find a way before videohelp shut town all their hacks and I found none. I would add a Philips 642, it seems to be the least expensive way to get PAL.

It also plays divx, right? Not that it matters as I have an XBOX with XBMC that blows the Phillips away in that department. How does the picture quality compare with the Panasonic S-35? That was what convinced me to ditch my cheap Coby DVD Player (even the $20-$30 Cobys play PAL/NTSC). The picture quality was so piss poor that even my XBOX ran circles around it.

Some people have had trouble with the picture on large TVs but up to 40" it seems to hold its own. It has a bug where you have to reset the progressive scan function but it is a very good recorder for the money; I have three. And yes, I have heard it plays DivX with some problems occuring with odd resolution settings.

Also, be aware, that people have also reported problems with widescreen.

I have a good 'ol 27" standard Zenith TV, so it should be fine on my set-up. I will probably hold out though until my S-35 burns out. I only have a handful of PAL titles and I seriously doubt my XBOX will burn itself out from playing those (especially not with the Samsung 605B).