Panasonic RV31 Issues



Does anyone have any ideas on how to maybe get a Panasonic RV31 DVD stand alone player to read burned DVDs?

No matter what I have tried it isn’t very successful at reading them - DVD+R, DVD+R, DVD-R
I have tried the book type as DVD-ROM and still no luck. Once in a great while it will sometimes play the DVD+RW and and DVD+R but it seems sporadic at best. I thought DVD-R might solve the problem but no better.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


What media are you using? Try better quality stuff.


I have tried both Verbatim and Memorex with same results.


The units plays purchased DVDs no problems at all, never had an issue with it just with burned DVDs.

I guess I just got stuck with a flakey one. :confused:


Maybe your halfway to this


Or maybe it could be due to the fact that it cannot play dvd - or +…

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There’s no sign of dvd -/+ playback. what does it say on the box?

Only thing i can think of is changing the booktype to dvd-rom and seeing if you can fool your playing into believing it’s an original.

What writer do you have?


No "offically the palyer does not support DVD -/+ but many sites say it is compatible.

Burning on a Nu Tech DDW-081 updated to 082 with B373 firmware.

Discs play fine in cheaper DVD/VHS player.

THe odd thing is that the player will occasionally play the discs if you just keep trying to reload them. Where it takes time and fails most times is reading/loading the disc. Once it is is detected it will play perfect until you remove it or power down so it seems to be an issue reading the lead in track or something related to detecting that it is a DVD. Never seems to skip a beat at all once it loads it. Just sometimes it loads and others it wont without a bunch of tries.

I have tried all but DVD-R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM and didn’t seem to help.

Could there be some other way to burn to improve the detection of the disc? Been using MyDVD and DVDShrink (which uses Nero to burn)


Could having all regions set on the DVD perhaps cause the player to have some loading issues?


s2k -

It sounds like you are spending quite a bit of time on this. My advice, and it may not be work for you, is to sell the RV31 (2001) on eBay and pick up a newer Panasonic model such as the DVD-S55S (2003) which does in fact play DVD+/-R as well as DVD-RAM. Since the 2004 models are already out, you should be able to locate one of these for under $80!



My RV31 plays all the DVDRs I put in it. I use Ritek G04s and TDK DVD +/- RW. Its the media thats important.


Where can i download the firmware update
for the Panasonic RV31?


It doesn’t help anyway so I wouldn’t bother.


my firmware was never updated…
still, where can i dowload it?


I had tried everything available like dowloads and setting changes, etc., however was unable to get the DVD+R (burned discs) to play. Others had suggested loading and reloading until the disk would read. I did as suggested. Three tries later the movie initiated and played. I have since tried several other movies and they are initiating on the first try, albeit a little slower on read start than the original DVD. So, thanks to s2k on this site for the info about reloading. I have now set aside the idea of purchasing a new dvd player as it is not necessary due to the info gleaned from this site…thanks once again and keep up the good work.


Whoops. My RV31 reads DVD+RW and NOT DVD+R.

Apparently, the laser reads the DVD+R fine, but its the firmware that doesnt allow it for copy protection purposes. I know thats stupid as people can copy to DVD-R or even use burners that support bitsetting, but thats what I have read.


You can download it here for a $1!



I have R32 and it can’t read +R and +RW, but if I record +R and +RW with DVD-ROM or DVD-R/RW booktype on my PC DVD Writer, then my R32 can read them. I’m not sure, how is R31 works, but it’s maybe the same? Direct succesor of R32 (I’m not sure its model number) CAN read +R/RW - Panasonic changed its mind.


Hi All,

The link to the .uk site for downloadin the latest firmware doesnt work :frowning:

Anyone else know of a site to download it, or can post me a downloadable link, would be very apreciative.

Many thanks,