Panasonic remote help?

hello i have got a panasonic dvd home theater sound system-model-sc-ht855 and a remote (n2qayz000003)
i can use the remote for volume only,i cannot even power on the m/c with it now,i phoned the shop where i bought it from and they said i must have changed it from a panasonic remote to a universal remote and i need o change it back to just a panasonic remote,they said just to press the dvd button but that does not work,any ideas how to put the remote back to factory settings please?
thank you.

How man John :wink:

Is this some sort of programmable remote, and did you change any settings on it? I had a look around to see what it is, and appears to be just an ordinary dedicated remote.

I presume you did the obvious things like changing the batteries…?

its just a remote and i tried new batteries,it was ok for a while then one day i tried to power on the m/c by the remote and it did not work,i use the front panel at the moment but i cannot see sub woofer level.

TBH you need to get back again to the people you bought it from. I don’t understand why they thought it could be changed to a universal remote… :eek:.

How long have you had the machine (+ remote)?