Panasonic Problems Take II

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Ok I have been having issues with a panasonic DVD player. It worked perfectly then it wont read DVD’s it previously read, seems to just stop in the middle of a movie for no reason that I can see other than of course it breaking down and now when I went to remove the last DVD I got an F700 message in the display box but know precisely diddly squat as to what that means. Can someone please advise
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ok seeing as the other thread is not garnering a response lets try this.
The panasonic player we have has been playing well but now for some reason will not play DVD’s it previously read with no issue. The panasonic is model DVRV32. The player comes up with a message of “no play”. This is a multi zone DVd player and when part way through if the discs do play at all the picture pixelates and the dvd ceases to continue playing. Before I am asked yes the DVD’s are in the right way and even brand new ones are not playing. With less than 15% of our discs playing when you have over 600 one can safely assume it is the player at fault and not the discs.
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Have you tried using a laser lens cleaner in the player?