Panasonic printable DVD-R 8x with TYG02 layer

Did anyone ever try these printable media ?
Here they are told to have the good reputed TYG02 layer.
Is this real or are they fake ?
How do they compare quality-wise with the printable Taiyo Yuden branded ones, since there is 10 pounds difference every 100 discs ? :doh:

Thanx for your help. :slight_smile:

Some people have had problems with some of them, me myself have had great success with them, they are real TY.

I bought 250 of these Panasonic discs recently and after 100 i can safely say it’s not same consistency as other TYG02 i bought (I’m a bit disappointed). I get real TY printable next time and match them with the Verbatim/TYG02.
This kind of scan happens every 10 disc or so and i don’t want it :wink:

Aside from that clump of PIFs in the middle (which aren’t higher than spec) I don’t see what the problem is with the burn…

I’m not saying the discs are bad, just not as consistant as i’d have liked. This is one of my worst scans from TY(G02) hub printable - out of 100 discs

Branded TY does seem to be more variable than unbranded for whatever reason. I tend to give TY the benefit of the doubt and blame it on whatever company is branding and selling the discs (Fujifilm, TDK, Panasonic, etc.).

Thanks for your help.
I was worried about consistency and from what you say, I wasn’t wrong.
I usually have important data to back up, so I guess I’ll have to spend those 10 pounds more. :bigsmile:

I’ve only ever used Verbatim and Panasonic TYG02. There has been a big problem for many of the Verbs I’ve burned with PIFs and PIEs rising massively right at the end of the burn. Less trouble with the Panasonics although still variation in quality. Next time I’m going to spend a little more and get unbranded.

I would think the unbranded TY would be cheaper (per disc anyway)…