Panasonic Printable (8x) DVD-R TYGO2 are they good

Panasonic Printable (8x) DVD-R TYGO2 are they good link below,they seem good will be useing on a pio111D. thx


I haven’t tried them, because I don’t have a printer capable of printing on CD/DVD media. In general TYG02 media is excellent in almost all burners.

But this media is currently out of stock at SVP, so maybe you should consider getting some unbranded Taiyo Yuden TYG02 printables from SVP instead?

Actually, only the 50pc cakeboxes are out of stock.
The 25pc cakeboxesare still available.

Actually it isn’t drage it’s here:

Yes, I just noticed that myself! Only the 50pc cakeboxes were out of stock. :doh:

as in my other thread m8 thats what i am exchangeing i did buy them but must have had bad batch so svp are kindly exchangeing them for me, for the above Panasonic Printable (8x) DVD-R TYGO2 .

Do you mean this post in the Pioneer DVR-111 scanning thread?

I’m guessing you’d rather not exchange one bad batch for more of the same then! I can understand that.

yes m8 and im sure i read the other day on this forum about someone with similar problem with this batch, any how svp said there going to do some tests on the same batch over the weekend.