Panasonic: Plasma sizes matter

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Does size matter? Every man has this question circling in his brain and now Panasonic comes with an official answer. It does. Managing director Steve Rust told that plasma is…

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I just talked with my wife. She’s just confirmed that size does indeed matter. The 58" plasma I saw at Best Buy last week was a thing of beauty. However, my living room receives alot of light in the daytime so I’d definitely have to go LCD.

Enjoy wasting your money on LCD!

Kuro! If I could buy a new plasma right now, I would get a Pioneer Kuro. I love my 42" Panny, but the Kuro is even better! Plus 60 inches as opposed to my lowly 42". :c 4 years after buying this plasma, the picture is like the day I bought it! Outstanding. But, I want a bigger screen!! :d Plasma blows LCD out of the water. You can view plasma from any angle and get the same quality image. LCD cannot do this. Oh and the Kuro is made in the USA! :g
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