Panasonic plans to mass produce 1TB optical discs that last 100 years

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Panasonic has announced it plans to mass produce next generation optical discs with increased capacity together with Sony. Currently the discs are available in a capacity of 500GB and Panasonic plans to increase capacity to 1TB. The discs are called ‘Archival disc’.

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And guess what we have to buy a special drive for it that can’t read regular disc right? I hope they don’t do this otherwise their 1tb disc will die a quick death.

Sounds good.

But price will be an important thing. And the real longevity. I have BD-Rs which become unreadable after 3 years, specs say it last 50 years.

AFAIK the actual dics by Sony is don´t available for end customers, right?

That’s a great news, but how will they know if the product will last for 100years?

I think it´s the same as always, they put in the climatic chamber and simulate an accelerated aging.

That’s only control environment and guess what most don’t have such a storage to prove it does last 100+ years or not since archive do get taken out once in a while to access and that is when damage can occur thus rendering 100+ in 1 min…

And nobody knows: Will there also drives live that long?

Whatever, my first CD-Rs from 2000 can still be read in drives from 2017 :slight_smile: that´s good

But dunno if the drives for these TB-discs can read older formats

If it lasts 10 years thats good enough for me LOL

Drive or media :wink: ?

The capacity sounds good, but how long it would take to burn/read such media?

We’ll all be zombies by that time and won’t have to worry… .lmao…

Still I´m not one of these, I think to be a zombie isn´t funny :wink:

guess mindfulness is out of the question…

Guess you don´t know what humor is …

I suspect if these discs do get into production they will be targeted at the enterprise/cloud organizations, where the biggest players have started to move from LTO tapes to superior (but much lower data density and more expensive) optical formats. In these environments, thousands of dollars per drive is peanuts.

In any case it will be a lot cheaper in the long run for the users of this media (think of IRS, Google etc.) because they won’t have to refresh the data as often as with magnetic tape which afair lasts ~10 years unattended.