Panasonic packs 3D Blu-ray films with its 3D TVs



I just posted the article Panasonic packs 3D Blu-ray films with its 3D TVs.

Content – or lack thereof – is one of the major concerns people have with adopting 3D in the home, so Panasonic’s out to prove it’s not an issue by bundling 3D Blu-ray movies with its television sets.

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Hurry up and get 3D, before the price goes down.


3D aside, my research tells me that the VT25 series Panasonic plasmas have the best picture of any TV on the market. They cost a couple of hundred dollars more than last year’s model but appear to be well worth the price. The 3D is just an added perk (not to mention the fact that reviews have placed Panasonic’s 3D at the top of the pack). As is typical, the prices will start dropping over this next few months. I’ll wait - then pounce.


Oh, so apparently they are targeting kids as purchasers of 3D TV’s. “plenty of 3D” content? That’s why they can only include 2 kids movies? Surrrrre.


I’ll wait and wait and wait, maybe in my next live time.