Panasonic outlines its Blu-ray plans

I just posted the article Panasonic outlines its Blu-ray plans.

The format battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD is over, but the lone high-definition format is having a difficult time trying to excite the average consumer.
Both Blu-ray players and Blu-ray…

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Good story, thanks.

So all blu-ray mfgs competes each other but when we’ll see the significant fall in RETAIL price? Oh wait, Andy Parsons said no.

Before the end of HD DVD people claimed that if their was just one format to buy their would be safety in the market and everyone would buy.

In reality HD DVD vs Blu-ray news was exciting! I don’t even read about Blu-ray anymore and it turns out the HD DVD vs Blu-ray battle was really pushing the market. Both sides got tonnes of press from the fight.

Blu-ray won the battle, but it lost the war.


The war if far from over yet…just sit back and rleax and we can both laugh at them cause we are at home enjoying our NMT’s :smiley:

@ BluBalls

I get my Pioneer Kuro 5080 HD tomorrow. I’ll probably order the NMT in a couple of weeks. Not sure which one I want. Popcorn Hour or HDX 1000. Hmm…

Have Toshiba released a blu-ray player? The article suggests they have. I’d be interested to see and hope it would be better than Sony’s!