Panasonic MEI-T02-001 SL vs DL

The French study from 2012 testing several BD-R’s found that Panasonic MEI-T02-001 had the best longevity. The discs tested were SL. However, there’s also a DL disc with the same mediacode, MEI-T02-001.

What does this mean? Do manufacturers use the same mediacodes on different products that would perform differently? Or is it a sign that the DL should perform the same as the tested SL with the same mediacode?

Or, even if the DL MEI-T02-001 isn’t the same as the SL MEI-T02-001, would the DL MEI-T02-001 still be good because it’s still Panasonic?

Many thanks.

Well, you can´t compare SL with DL-media in general. DL-media is more critical at writing and in longevity.

But in both cases the Panasonic-media ist IMHO still one the best you can get. But the prices are a bit high.

Thanks. Are you saying that DL adds an additional potential point of failure (when writing, and reading the disc), SL is slightly preferable in this sense?

(I need to look into this more in the forum.)

I have only experiences with DVD DL media, and the 2nd layer is in most cases more critical than the 1st layer. Some old and bad burns weren´t readable after 8-9 years at the 2nd, 1st layer was still readable

You should take a look at the DL-topics in the Blank media section to find out more info

Thanks so much - there are so many fine points with this if you’re going to really rely on the media, and I appreciate you offering your experience.