Panasonic (Matsushita) SW-9574-E: Removing Stuck Disk

Anybody know this drive and know of any clever ways to remove a stuck disk?

Background and other questions:

* This is the DVD drive in a Toshiba D-VR4XSU "HiFi/VCR/DVD Video Recorder"
  • Someone put a disk in upside down, and after that, the drawer would never open to allow the DVD to be removed/turned over.

  • I disassembled the Toshiba unit and removed the Panasonic drive. I was hoping that I could install it in a computer (I could) and then get the computer to open the tray (it would not, but maybe because it is an older computer which recognizes CD (RW) drives but not DVD drives).

  • I was also hoping I’d find a switch or contacts for a switch so that I could power up the drive and “force” open the drawer, but no such luck.

  • Finally, I did a messy disassembly job and got the disk out, the drive back together, and reassembled the entire Toshiba unit, and, luckily it works. (The disassembly was messy for a variety of reasons–removing the obvious screws and covers never really gave me free access to the disk–I finally removed the spring loaded disk hub (or whatever you call it), “sprung” the front plastic door/flap, and managed to slide the disk out without scratching it, and managed to put the plastic door/flap back in–but it was not easy/fun.)

  • But, their ought to be a better way.

  • I couldn’t find any evidence of a hole to insert a paper clip to release the drawer. (There is no fancy bezel on the front, so I just tried (gently) probing a few places to see if anything felt like it would release the drawer.)

  • PS: Is it common for a drive drawer to refuse to open with an upside down DVD?

PS: I did try Googling for various things–I found a Panasonic SW-9574-C drive, which seemed fairly different (uses a caddy, has a “paperclip eject” hole, etc.), but nothing on the model “-E”