Panasonic Matshita CW-8121 firmware upgrade

I have this combo driver, but I have some problems. I can’t read lot of dvd, (+R no one) but I’ve read that it’s possible. Also it is very slow while reading dvd and cd and sometimes they are rejected.
My os is Windows Xp Pro

You can find a couple of firmwares here:

Please make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive.

thank you. But how I can make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive?
And how can I use real dos? I don’t have any floppy drive on my pc, only that drive
In the end, is sure that after this upgrade my drive can read dvd+r?

No, I doubt that a firmware update will help your problem, but it is possible. You can create a bootable CD to use to get into DOS.

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