Panasonic (MATSHIDA) UJ265 - Quiet Mode? Riplock? Firmware? ANYTHING?

Hello good people,

2 years ago, as I downshrinked my PC to mITX size, I bought the Panasonic UJ265, labeled by Windows 10 as MATSHIDA UJ265.

The drive works still well (only that I have to enable Hotplug on the BIOS), but as I was trying to rip some of my Blu Ray videos I wondered about the slow reading speed of 2.0-2.1x, something I was pretty sure was not the number I’ve seen when I bought it.

Little research later, I found the terms “Riplock”, and by looking further, someone over at makemkv forums said there would be a tool be available on the Panasonic website to “turn off quiet mode”.

The thing is that I’ve been browsing the website and google for 2 days now and I am not able to find it.

Does anyone of the good people here know WHERE i can find this tool, if there is an ripunlock’ed firmware or even a firmware update available AT ALL?

I just seem to find NOTHING about this drive. The 2x read speed is really a pain in the butt…

Help is gladly appreciated.
Thank in advance.


Panasonic does not provide end-user support for computer peripherals, especially optical drives; which are sold as OEM products with the expectation that the system integrator will provide the support. This is especially true of slimline optical drives, originally designed as components of notebook computers which are not expected to be purchased or replaced by end-users.

Downloads for firmware, utilities, esp. are pretty much non-existent unless supplied by an integrating PC manufacturer (e.g. Sony has used Matsushita Blu-Ray drives in their VAIO laptops and will sometimes have crippled, device-specific firmware updaters available to address specific issues with Sony products or add-on software).

That said, I doubt the “quiet drive” utility, if it exists or can be found, will address the riplock issue which usually must be addressed with patched firmware. One place to look might be the VAIO support areas of various Sony PC websites.

Sorry to sound so negative; but, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, “Panasonic drives are a bag of hurt” and are best avoided. There are similar products from LG, for instance, which give at least lip service to end-user firmware support.

Have also some Panasonic-drives and never seen a FW for my drives to download, except for some Sony-Vaio-Notebooks (works not without Vaio), like Schuster wrote.

I´m not sure about the locks and limitations, but my Half Height drives from Panasonic are probably made by QSI

Mathista is Matsushita is Panasonic!!
And Panasonic only sells drives to OEMs, these have to provide firmwares and support then.

As with the OP problem, either the BIOS/UEFI is not properly setup, there is a driver problem with the SATA controller (more likely) or the drive or disc in this case itself has a problem. Most likely nothing really about the firmware cause he said “worked (faster) before”…
I would try to rip the disc used before when it worked and then COMPARE the results.

AFAIK, there is no rela riplock and firmware is impossible to find.