Panasonic LV70 Region Change

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to change the region code from 1 to 2 on this device. It does not accept DVD’s from any other region at this stage - only region 1

  1. Email or write to Panasonic service department and ask for the
    DVD service Disc No.2 all the info is supplied.

  2. It doesn’t tell you what it does but the codes turn your player into multiregion.

  3. For disabling Macrovision follow the same steps and replace code 3192 to 3193 after you have done the multiregion upgrade.

  4. Note This discs works with the new RA players as well.
    Another way:

  5. Rent an upgrade remote “solderless upgrade” or buy a chip from the one of the following sites:

You can also buy a modchip here and solder it yourself.

The chip shown is an ATMEL014 26020N S127A which is an EPROM , so don’t bother buying one , unless you have the contents that should be in it :slight_smile:

  1. Unplug and stuff like that

  2. Locate the connection points shown in the pictures below.

  3. If your player is an NTSC version you must now configure the modchip for use in your player … to do this connect a wire link from pin 4 to pin 8 of the modchip … if your player is PAL then no links are required , please note that although our chip will work on NTSC version players to give auto region and vcr mode many NTSC panasonic players lack the ability to playback PAL disks even after modification.

  4. Simply make the connections fron the pins of the modchip to the points shown below and then reassemble the unit and test. Dont forget to insulate the chip to prevent short circuit.