Panasonic Lumix ZS8 Won't Copy Files To PC



I have been trying to copy the pictures from my camera to the computer … every time I try the program I use freeze … in XP it causes the whole computer to freeze where I have to reboot.

I install the photo editing program that came with the software, and it freeze in windows 7 and XP doesn’t do anything. I tried to access the drive through my computer but when I click on it and go through the wizard it freezes too.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is?:sad:


Also in case you are wondering I have the camera itself hooked into the computer via usb cable.:o


One thing you may wish to do right away is uninstall the new software you are trying to use and install Windows live photo gallery. Attempt to use this to import your pictures from the camera. Let’s see if the problem is more hardware or software related?
Using a Panasonic ZS3 myself. I do find that using a card reader makes it simpler with a quick auto-run pop-up and click on “import with Windows live photo gallery” vs plugging in the camera and opening photo gallery to use the import function(top left menu bar).


Howdy … well sir … I couldn’t get anything from either operating systems I have, so I tried downloading on my other computer and it downloaded the pictures no problem :clap:… didn’t even have the software installed.:disagree:

Could it have been the software itself? I will try uninstalling it and see if I can download pictures … :iagree:


It sounds very possible that the software is to blame. Great to hear you are able to get your pictures off the camera without trouble :clap:.


Well sir … It turned out that the usb port I was using didn’t have enough power to download pictures from the camera. I installed a pcie usb adapter card and had the camera plug into it. When I plug the usb into the mobo usb port the pictures downloaded with no problems.

Thank loads for posting.:iagree::clap: