Panasonic lowers BD Live player prices



SEPT. 18 | Panasonic will price its latest BD Live model, the DMP-BD35, at $399, which is $300 less than the tag for its first Web-enabled DMP-BD50 model.




Just picked up a DMP-35 for $289.00 and have been very impressed by the BD PQ and load speed. Originally picked up a Sammy BD-P2550 but exhanged it for the less expensive Panny, the 2550 would not play a SD-DVD @24f (Reon chip will not play SD-DVD’s @ 24f) which did not sit well with me. If playing a BD live disc there was a Bonus View message that wouldn’t go away unless you turned off the screen messages completely. :rolleyes: Added a $ 10.00 2gb SD card to the DMP-35 and I am set. Great player!!:slight_smile: