Panasonic LF-D211 Troubles

I currently have Roxio’s Easy CD/DVD Creator V6.0 & Nero 7.0 installed. The LF-D211 does work with these. I tried using two different versions of the DVDRAM utility, but they don’t get along with Roxio & Nero. I need Roxio & Nero, so I cannot uninstall those.

Is there another software package that supports packet-writing to DVD-RAM cartridges via the LF-D211 burner?

Does it support UDF-formatting of -RW and +RW media?

This is not appropriate for the FIRMWARE section.

Move to the Optical Drives forum. :wink:

Thanks, C0deKing.


what do you want with Packet-Writing on DVD-RW media?
Its good for DVD-RAM, and maybe MyDVD could work with your drive.

But, how old is your drive??