Panasonic LCD tv TX-L37D28EW and MP4 video?

Hello everyone. I just bought a Panasonic LCD tv, D-Series, TX-L37D28EW. The specs for the tv can be found at this link.

I was doubting between this and other tvs in the same price range, but chose this one because it seemed to offer playback of a wider variety of file types. (I have yet to by a wifi LAN adapter and am copying video files from my computer to a USB pen drive or SD card.) I have not had any trouble playing back video files this way until now.

The specs mentioned above say the tv has:
AVCHD / SD-VIDEO / Motion JPEG [Lumix] / MP4 [Xacti] / DivXPlusHD / MPEG4 / JPEG / MP3 / AAC / WMV / WMA playback
Yet whenever I try to play an MP4 file, the tv does not even register the file - as if it weren’t there! :frowning:

Now, I know there could be any number of compatibility issues or codec problems :confused:, but I was hoping a kind stranger might be able to give me a simple answer and save me a lot of hassle: will my tv play MP4 files?

Thanks you very much in advance for all your help!

Well, this may not be the answer you want but: Yes and No. MP4 isn’t actually a format. It is a container (think envelope) that can hold a number of different formats (types) of video. So if the MP4 container contains AVC, DivX, WMV or another video format (codec) that your TV understands then yes. Otherwise, no.

Thank you very much for your quick reply, olyteddy. Even though the answer wasn’t as simple as I had hoped, at least I understand what you’re saying! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, the question really is not if my tv will “play MP4s” but what kind of MP4 I am trying to play. Is that right?

If I look at one of the MP4s I was really hoping would work on my tv, the properties tab tells me that the file is an MPEG-4 (.mp4) ; the file info tab in Quicktime tells me that the file format uses the codec H.264, 740 x 320, AAC, Stereo (I D) 48,000 kHz. This, if I understand correctly, is a standard codec that shouldn’t pose any problems.

And, according to the specs I linked to in the last post, MPEG4 are listed as playable. But this one isn’t! :sad:

How do I know what sort of file I have? Are the tv specs enough to know if it is compatible, or do I need more info?

Thanks again for so much help!

Sorry to be a pest :bigsmile:, but I’m still struggling with my tv, and I’m sure that someone out there must know something!

I just hooked up my 5.1 stereo to my receiver/dvd recorder and my tv station channels sound like a movie theater! Ironically, my movies sound like they’re being played in a cheap dollar theater… :frowning:

Playing a regular .avi file directly through the tv (SD slot) means no surround sound because the source isn’t hi-def. The tv is connected via optical to the sound system, so surround sound is possible even if the source is not the receiver/dvd. (Right?) I just need the tv to play the right files - or I need to be clear about which files will play, and which won’t.

Help! Anyone…?