Panasonic launches Blu-ray player with VHS

I just posted the article Panasonic launches Blu-ray player with VHS.

Another product launch from Japan has left some people scratching their heads, as Panasonic has launched a new Blu-ray player that also has a hard drive and… VHS. The Panasonic DMR-BR630V…

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What color is the sky in the world in which Panasonic executives live?

Blue… with Blue sun Rays?! :rolleyes:

This is about a stupid idea to put together. WTF??? Now if the BD part was a burner same as those VHS/DVD standalone players/burner to convert the VHS to BD this might be a good thing for those? Not that the burned BD from VHS will really do anything as far as upconvert as we all know that can’t be done.

I guess those of us with Beta Max are just out of luck for now…

While Panasonic are making crazy products.

While this one is a waste of money, what I would really like is a Blu-Ray and Laserdisc combo player. Or even a Laserdisk/DVD recorder combo player.

I probably would be the only person to buy it. But hey it will be one more than who will buy the DMR-BR630V

Hey come on now, whatever gets headlines, right? :confused:

Nahhh, this product is absolete… No Laserdisc support in it.

I think an 8mm-to-Blue-ray combo player/recorder would be great, especially if they added 78-RPM-record to DTS conversion!!

Well, if they let a user record digital TV to the hard disk, or analog for that matter, and let them copy that to the SD slot, and/or burn it to BD discs, then I’d guess they’ll find takers for this, even though it is a bit pricey. Of course, if it does all that, the MPAA will carp kittens and demand it be banned, but what else is new.

Anyone else notice that it CANNOT play VHS?! The only purpose the VHS interface serves is for dubbing. It’s just gets better and better as I think about it. :clap:

But does it allow for the copying of old VHS movies you bought and can’t get on DVD or BD??

Whats VHS?

LOL…I am conviced these guys aren’t smoking Sativa’s and are smoking straight crack laced with meth :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if this model will be released in Australia to complement the DMR-BW500 Blu Ray Recorder already available to record high definition TV.

i think its a damn good idea

a Play Only VHS will be able to play from VHS to watch on TV or burn to Blue Ray but not be able to record TO vhs.

Very good Idea, Especially if you have family that has lots of old home movies on VHS.

Yes, its not very useful if your families either did not have a video camera or is new enough that DVD Video cameras were around when you were thinking of getting one.

Only issue is the price… not this christmas, maybe next one