Panasonic L-50 DVD Player Overheats

I have a Panasonic Portable DVD Player. When I play DVD’s I have backed-up with DVD2One or DVDShrink, after 10-20 minutes, the movie gets distorted and will not play. I was told it was the media, but I am using Ritek 4X media. (This problem with distortion does not happen with original DVD’s, only backups.) I was also told it was because of overheating. Anyone have the same/similar problem? If so, how did you fix it. Please respond.

Hmmm. … normally Riteks are about the best, but I have heard reports about portable players being picky.

I have no personal experience of the Panasonic Portable DVD Player, but it may be worth trying different media, just in case it doesn’t like Riteks and/or you could try burning at a lower speed, this might make a difference.