Panasonic introduces next-generation Blu-ray Disc player (Press Release)

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Only Blu-ray Player to Feature Final Standard ProfilePanasonic announced today the introduction of the DMP-BD30, the next generation High Definition 1080p Blu-ray Disc player. The DMP-BD30 is the…

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The EZ Sync sounds cool for old people I guess, but aren’t most of these features already available, and if not now then soon with Firmware on the PS3?

They (all manufacturers) can package their overpriced crap as much as they want with whatever gimmicks they can think of to try to make sales, and I am sure that a lot of consumers like myself (and there is a ever growing number of us) will not buy overpriced rubbish which restricts dictates to us what we can or can not do with what we PAY FOR and are nowadays being told we have to buy multiple versions of what we have already purchased due to their restrictions and greed. No wonder their sales are down, and they will continue to go down as more people wake up to the truth. That is why I have no music, DVD’s (purchased or illegal) or hardware from the last 6-7 years as I am using my power as a consumer to not purchase products from companies like that, and I will continue to do so until those companies can offer me a good product (IE: Let’s me use my legally purchased goods they way I want to use them) at a fair and reasonable price, or in other words they stop trying to rip me off and let me use what I already own how I want. People power will win if enough people start to use the, people will win and companies will start to listen once again to what their customers relly want.

HD DVD will most likely win the HD video market. Sony can get stuffed.