Panasonic introduces cheaper Blu-ray chip

I just posted the article Panasonic introduces cheaper Blu-ray chip.

Panasonic has announced that is has developed a single chip Blu-ray chip which combines both reading the disc and decoding the content. Previously these functions were performed by seperate chips and…

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Maybe they can incorporate the chip into a new combination Blu-ray player, coffee-maker, iTunes player with no carbon footprint by using only solar energy. Then they might be able to justify a $1500.00-plus price tag. …In somebody’s mind, not mine, but somebody…

I forgot to mention - the $1500.00 price was just a guess, based on what the price of new Blu-ray players seem to be lately, especially ones released by major manufacturers like Panasonic.

Funny how we were all waiting for the format war to end. Now I think most of us wish HD DVD would come back. Then at least there would be some friggin’ competition to keep prices down. What’s next? Blu-ray players with Profile 2.0 now cost you your first born child? This makes me sick and I won’t spend a penny on it. I’m content to watch SD quality porn. I didn’t want to see ass pimples in HD anyway. :r