Panasonic HT70 Problems



We have a Panasonic HT70 Home Theater Sound System. It suddenly stopped playing CDs and DVDs. When we put one in the system tries to read it and then says no disc. We have tried unplugging the unit and letting it sit and we put in a disc to clean the lens but it still doesn’t work. We aren’t sure if the unit is able to spin the discs so there is a chance the cleaning didn’t happen.

We called Panasonic but they said we need to take it to be repaired. However, I was wondering if there’s anything else we can do before doing that. I’m also wondering if it’s worth fixing since it’s not a high end unit. I don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars when I can go out and buy a more updated unit that has basic features like digital audio inputs.



We got adventurous and decided to open up our machine to see if the disc was spinning and if we could clean the machine. We opened it up and we got the disc to spin. However, this didn’t happen consistently. We noticed that if the disc was jarred at all it would start spinning. So, we got the lens cleaning disc to operate in the machine and now it seems to be working more reliably. I’m still not convinced we fixed the problem but at least we have a few more clues. We really couldn’t get in to do a good cleaning because the compartment where the CDs go is enclosed. This system takes up to 5 discs and I think it needs the extra encasing to do this.

Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions on what might fix the problem if it pops up again.



Well, the DVD player isn’t working again. We played a couple of DVDs without a problem. Then it stopped working. This player can hold up to 5 DVD/ CDs and it stopped working when we tried to load a second DVD. I’m wondering if the changer could be causing the problem but I’m not sure why that would affect the spinning.

This is the second Panasonic appliance we have had a problem with so I think we’re going to start avoiding this brand.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Panasonic player? Are there other suggestions?


My panasonic system always gave me some problems troubleshooting and some support issues. But recently I have found a great tech support site that help you solve any problem you have!

Here is the page for Panasonic HT70 Support

Good luck