Panasonic Home DVD Player won't play DVD+R backup

Hi. Newbie question here…
My kids are hammering our original copy of Spiderman: The Movie. The inside hole is starting to crack. Thought I’d make a backup before it’s too late.

Found and downloaded DVD Shrink. Ripped and burned the movie several times using Nero 7 with my new BenQ Dual Layer DVD burner (I bought a model suggested on these forums). Everything went fine and the backup played perfect on my computer but never on my home DVD player, a Panasonic. I haven’t yet burned on a dual layer DVD. I’ve only tested this using a single layer DVD+RW.

I experimented several times using the single layer DVD+RW with various settings with DVD Shrink including… remove protection, keep protection, make region free, keep North America region intact, etc.

Again, it always plays fine on my computer DVD player, but never on the home DVD player, a Panasonic. I can’t even get the main menu to appear. All I get is a black screen and then the DVD player quits trying to read it.

My goal would be to create a near perfect dual layer, uncompressed copy of the movie to play on our home DVD player.

What’s going on?

My first thought was that maybe my player doesnt’ like DVD+R format. Should I use a dual layer DVD-R disc? Is Panasonic finicky like that?

Isn’t DVD-R Dual layer the “Hollywood Standard”?
How can I get it to play? Any suggestions? Please educate me.

Please help this newbie before my kids destroy our movie from overuse.

Thanks all!!

Some DVD Players do not read DVD+R disc, try using DVD-R and see what happens


Panasonic DVD players used to be very picky at what discs they would read. They would only read DVD-R discs and then only near perfect burns. I don’t know how old your player is but your owners manual should tell what kind of discs it can read. I would stay away from RW discs all together. Panasonic has generally been a -R reader. Try some DVD-R discs or some +R discs and change the booktype to ROM. You can change the booktype or bitsetting of +R discs with QSuite which you can download from BenQs website. You can also change it with CD Speed or ImgBurn. You cannot change -R discs.
Dual layer discs will probably be the hardest for the Panasonic to read all the way through.
DVD-R SL discs are probably your best bet as long as they are good quality media like Verbatim or TYs.

Agree with Wobble , booktype to dvd-rom in shrink … should play then

Most likely the disc is dirty try to clean the dsic if this did not do the job then either the disc is damage or the burning process was screwdup.

Thanks for the input guys. Good feedback Wooble.
You’ve been a good sounding board. I will test your theory and let you know.

OK. I found the solution with your help. I used Benq’s bookmarking software to find out if my drive was burning to a DVD-ROM or DVD+RW format. It was set already to DVD-ROM. The media I had already burned was a DVD+RW authored as a DVD-ROM.

I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work in my DVD player.

So just on a whim, I decided to switch the DVD media from DVD-ROM to DVD+RW and see if that would work. Well… it did. Aparently, for some reason my home DVD player will read a DVD+R that stays a DVD+R.

Thanks for your help.

Also it might have something to do with the quality of the disk if you used different disk.