Panasonic goes old-school with Blu-ray/VCR combo player

I just posted the article Panasonic goes old-school with Blu-ray/VCR combo player.

Want to embrace Blu-ray without abandoning all those episodes of MAS*H you recorded to VHS? Panasonic’s Blu-ray/VCR combo player could be the answer.The DMP-BD70V is a BD-Live compatible Blu-ray…

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It has potential. There’re different versions of this player in Japan.

Well, they are both in about the same demand :stuck_out_tongue: ducks

I’ve love to see what VHS looks like upscaled to 1080p. I bet you can’t even tell the difference between upscaled VHS and bluray!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

1080p upsampled VHS? Sure, could happen.

For that price it should burn too!

tapes just make too much sense in my household, so this might be nice … but … I wonder if it handles DVDs and VCD’s as well. I found that the PS3 as a BluRay player will NOT play VCDs, so that sucks.

I guess you would get a pretty bad blurry pixelated mess blowing up a VHS on a modern big screen HDTV so why bother??
Here the resolutions with each video generation:
VHS=320x224, DVD-640x480, Bluray=1280x720/1920x1080

I think is a good idea, because i got movies in all 3 formats (vhs,dvd,blu-ray) i got several tapes that have never been released on to dvd or blu-ray.

I WANT ONE!:cop:

Is there an option to get a Betamax add-on?

If there is, I’m completely sold. :bigsmile: